LETTER: Accept the outcome

Roger F. Harrison

To the editor:

It is that time when we get to select the people we agree with on our thoughts on government. Sometimes we lose, do we revolt? Do we crash City Hall? No, real Americans accept the results and wait until the next election. Do we call foul because we do not like the result? We trust our elected officials, and when they certify the results we accept them.

We have a bunch of sore losers in this country who still do not accept the results of the election yet their own accounting firm verified that the election was honest. Now they are subpoenaed by a government entity and they just refuse. Let you or I try that?  Meanwhile, cities are having drinking water issues. Congress and President Biden, pass the infrastructure bill now. This country needs it now.

God bless the United States of America and the veterans who protect it. Remember what Maximus said, “What we do in life will echo through eternity.”

– Roger F. Harrison/Leavenworth