LETTER: School board election

Ronald Grossman

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Mr. Carney concerning the discontent of the voters, I respectfully submit that the voters are angry with the current school board and the lack of actual qualifications that they possess while refusing to give us a plan for educating our children.

If this was treated as a true $60 million a year company, then the only candidate that is even remotely qualified for a position on the board is the one with a master’s in education, a master’s in public administration, actual experience as a Pennsylvania director of education and experience running a large company.

The three present members running for reelection have nothing to show for their 44 years on the board except an increase in bullying and graduates not being able to pass college entrance exams while they are voting to continue to give raises to an already overpaid superintendent.

If the current members running truly had the best interests of the children and the electorate in mind, they would resign and allow qualified individuals to fix the mess they are leaving us with.

We need an actual job description for board members that is not based on name recognition or good old boy politics. The driver’s education instructor needs a master’s degree but school board members just need to be registered voters with no actual qualifications.