LETTER: Your vote matters

Hannah Kirby

To the editor:

I want to take this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on the upcoming election for the USD 469 school board. First, I want to preface that I received an excellent education at USD 469 from elementary to high school. I was afforded the opportunity to participate in numerous activities while focusing on my academics. I had great support from teachers and other staff as they guided and sometimes coaxed me out of my comfort zone to be the best that I could. When I started my college career, I was ready to succeed.

Although I am out of town to attend classes, I do my best to stay informed of all local elections. I pay attention and research the candidates to make an informed decision. I am by no means a perfectly informed voter and citizen; there is always room for improvement. And based on what I have seen, our local school board election could also use some improvement. It has become everything but nonpartisan. I am concerned about the partisan politics and outside forces at play in this local election.

At some point I will have to make a decision as to where I will live and possibly raise my own family. There is no doubt that the school system in place will play a big role in that decision. Let’s be sure that the Lansing school district is guided by the desire to be the best it can be rather than personal and political agendas. Elect leaders that will prioritize quality education and students’ well-being. I believe Roy Foster, Beth Stevenson, Susie Werth and Carla Weigers are those leaders.

At the end of the day, the students will suffer the most from petty politics. We have to ask ourselves: Will we be guided by political bickering, or will we vote for the candidates who put kids first? Your voice matters. Your vote matters. Our students matter.

– Hannah Kirby/Lansing