LETTER: Distorting the truth

Mike Carney

To the editor:

We are currently living in a world of controversy, misinformation and distortion of truths. One cannot speak without eyebrows raised or a quick fact check on Google or other social media sites. However, I feel it is important at this moment as we head into local elections that some things be put to rest.

It has been common for people to distort the truth and spew lies about hard working volunteers in our community, individuals who have no vested interests in what they do on boards or commissions. Yet we have elected legislators who continue to implore faceless communication with those who cheer the complete misrepresentation of the truths about good people doing good things that do not coincide with their agenda.

Speaking from the school board perspective that I have served on, I would agree that there have been blatant, horrific flaws that have occurred in past administrations. To err is human is innate to all of us but the beauty of what we have accomplished in this school district is reflected in every employee that works day in and day out to educate the children in our community. They are complemented by para professionals and support staff in maintenance and nutrition.

There has been the laughable claim of no transparency. School board meetings are governed by law (Open Meetings Act). And all information recorded in the district is on public record. No one has to lie about what a person’s salary is. That is easily attained as it its recorded for the public to view at will.

Commentary has been distributed about not “standing up to administrators.” I can assure during my tenure there have been several dismissals of admin staff and two superintendents.

This community was very fortunate upon the arrival of Dr. Mike Roth. During his time here many of the initiatives started by previous boards were finally put into place with the most important being the Pioneer Career Center. Since its inauguration, attendance has grown from 52 students to 187 with the opportunity to select from nine different fields of study.  

So “beware the ambitious man” and take these last few words to heart.