LETTER: Decision confirmed

Linda Schukman

To the editor:

Had I not already decided to vote for Roy Foster, Beth Stevenson and Susie Werth for the Lansing school board, I would have made that decision today. Not only are they the best candidates for the job because of their commitment to make data-driven decisions and adhere to board policy rather than attempting to micromanage the district, they have behaved admirably throughout the campaign by sticking to important issues.

That is not the case for their opponents, whom I shall not name.  The latest mailer, apparently paid for by some supporting organization, is disparaging to them and the other candidates and is a reprehensible example of behavior for the children of the Lansing school district they claim to represent. Whether those unnamed candidates knew of the mailer or not, they are ultimately responsible. If anyone put out a mailer like that in an attempt to support a thoughtful, mature candidate, heads would roll, and there would be a demand they immediately and publicly apologize.

– Linda Schukman/Lansing