LETTER: Congratulations

Doug Darling

To the editor:

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Mike Carney, Alisa Murphy and Vanessa Reid on their election to the USD 453 Board of Education last Tuesday. I want to thank the voters of Leavenworth for previously electing me to serve on that board. You trust the board of education, including me, with the education of your children. I think we largely deserve your trust.

I have seen many improvements in education in Leavenworth over my 16 years of elected board service, spread over the last 26 years. These include improvements to our facilities. Our students have vocational skills training available because of our relationships with Kansas City Kansas Community College and Highland Community College.

The school district increased the use of computer supported learning made possible by a one to one student to computer ratio. Our early childhood center is second to none. The school district adopted a philosophy of instruction guided by surveys of what knowledge, skills and attributes Kansas employers want to see in their employees.

Thank you again for electing me to the board in the past and I look forward to seeing as a private citizen and school volunteer what the Leavenworth USD 453 Board of Education does in the future to continue preparing every student for success in every classroom, every day.

– Doug Darling/Leavenworth