GEN Z: Racially motivated 911 calls

Chloe Berg
Chloe Berg

Social justice is at the forefront today, with the Black Lives Matter movement leading the charge against racism in this country. A couple of days ago, a San Francisco lawmaker introduced an ordinance to outlaw racially motivated 911 calls. It is called the CAREN (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) Act.

First began as meme shorthand to describe white women acting in an entitled way, it has become a concise way to clock white women acting up, especially when that behavior involves racism or another form of discrimination.

This isn’t the first time that a law like this has been passed. Ron Bonta, a member of the California state assembly, has also introduced similar legislation at the state level. In a news response, he said, “If you are afraid of a Black family barbecuing in the community park, a man dancing and doing his normal exercise routine in the bike lane or someone who asks you to comply with dog leash laws in a park, and your immediate response is to call the police, the real problem is with your own personal prejudice.”

It’s already illegal to file a false police report in California, but Walton’s CAREN Act would make it unlawful for someone to fabricate a discriminatory report. The bill would also allow the target of the call to sue the caller in court.

To watch Karens in their natural environment, a quick search on YouTube will show multiple videos.

Chloe Berg is a Leavenworth native and student at Benedictine College.