RICH KIPER: How will we snow blow our sidewalks?

Rich Kiper
Rich Kiper

This week we got snow. We realized that soon we will be firing up our snow blowers.

Snow blowing our sidewalks seems like a trivial subject, doesn’t it? In reality, it raises a serious subject.

During a “60 Minutes” interview with Democrat Biden that aired Oct. 25, he claimed he is “not banning fracking.” “I would transition from the oil industry.” “We would make sure it’s eliminated.”

Biden is on record saying, “we’re going to end fossil fuel” “no more, no new fracking” no pipelines. VP nominee Harris says, “There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.”

When asked at the second debate about whether there “would be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking,” Biden responded, “No. We would work it out.”

He is calling for “100% clean energy” and “net-zero emissions no later than 2050.”

Why is fracking such a big deal? Because Democrats believe it harms the environment.

Hydraulic fracturing accounts for 23.4% of oil and gas wells in Kansas. The energy industry pays approximately $2.6B in state and local taxes annually and provides 118,000 jobs.

Nationwide, fossil fuels provide 63% of our energy, with nuclear accounting for 20%. That industry accounts for about 3M to 9.8M jobs, depending on how the numbers are calculated.

Biden and Harris will kill an industry that has a major impact on the Kansas and national economies, an industry that has saved consumers $203B annually on imported oil.

While the energy sector accounts for only 6.2% of GDP, energy for farming, trucking, railroads, manufacturing, ambulances, police vehicles, fire trucks and construction are just a few of the industries in the GDP calculation that are dependent on energy. Biden will forbid those sectors to run on fossil fuel.

Over the next 10 years Biden will provide $6.7T of taxpayer money to transition from oil, coal and gas fracking. He will ban “new oil and gas permitting on public lands.” Approximately 90% of fracking is on private land.

The only way to “end fossil fuel” is to criminalize oil, gas and coal extraction, even on private property. Goodbye Kansas jobs.

In that second debate Biden said, “They’re not going to lose their jobs. A lot more jobs are going to be created in other industries.” No problem. All those workers can easily get another job in the same area where they are now living. All of them will have the required skills. Easy-peasy.

Those statements indicate how out of touch Biden is with the real world.

Without fossil fuels, energy must be extracted from solar, wind, geothermal, hydro or nuclear sources.

Now, back to our snow blowers.

With gasoline forbidden, which form of energy will power our blowers?

Forget nuclear because the left will never tolerate that.

According to an MIT study, powering New York City using wind would require a 40-mile by 40-mile area of turbines – the ones with the big propellers. They could only be placed off shore. Again, the left will go crazy over that.

Leavenworth-Lansing probably would require a 5-mile by 5-mile farm to meet our needs. Where would we put it and how much noise will it create? This gets complicated because there is a loss of full capacity since the wind is not always blowing. The same is true for solar in that the sun is not always shining.

To depend on hydropower will require dams on the Missouri River for electricity generating plants. Building dams will infuriate the leftist god of green.

Will solar or wind energy fuel trains and trucks that move products to us? Is using solar energy to power steel mills or automobile factories feasible?

How do we power military tanks, fighter jets, bombers, commercial airplanes and ships, cruise liners and personal boats?

Biden will build 500,000 electrical charging stations. If someone has a gasoline-powered vehicle, how much more expensive will gasoline be while transitioning from gas to electricity? There would be a supply and demand issue.

Forbes magazine states that the effort, money and new technology just to develop batteries to store energy in houses, much less in cities, will be astronomical.

Any scheme that ends fossil fuels in every sector of our lives, as Biden wants, is delusional. His stating that there will be a “transition” is the proverbial putting lipstick on a pig.

A vote for Biden is a vote to destroy our economy.

Be prepared to shovel your sidewalk.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.