VIPER ONE SIX: Scoring political points rather than upholding the rule of law

Dave Shearman
Dave Shearman

Another American city has fallen prey to violence spurred by unrest over police action. Philadelphia saw thousands of people take to the streets after the officer involved shooting of an armed man. Video taken of the encounter clearly showed officers retreating while backing away from the man who was holding a knife and threatening the officers. After backing up down a sidewalk, around parked cars and into the street, all the while lawfully ordering the man to stop, officers defended themselves as the man closed the gap and a shooting occurred. The man died a short time later at a local hospital.

It is an important rule to remember that under law, a law enforcement officer does not have a duty to retreat. They can, as was witnessed in this incident, but they are never required. To do so, to require such action, would erode the nature of law enforcement.

I have written about the reactionary gap related to the very short time period an officer has to effectively and safely react with regard to a suspect’s perceived actions. I have outlined the 21-foot rule that has proven to show how a person, armed with a knife, can close the physical distance and lethally attack an officer. I have actually witnessed that myself and seen an officer have his neck slashed by a knife-wielding suspect.

Ironically, the upset citizens of Philadelphia did not question the use of deadly force by the officers in using their service weapons but asked – demanded – why they did not use a Taser. Excuse me, really, how unbelievable. But that is par for the course in law enforcement today as it does not matter anymore how or why an officer took action, the manner in which he or she took action, or most importantly, the legality of those actions because it will never satisfy those seeking an agenda.

But tragically the facts no longer seem to matter in this country. On a daily basis officers are ferociously attacked by violent and crazed people. Police command staff turn their backs on them, and politically motivated prosecutors and municipal management seek political points rather than upholding the rule of law.

I could fill every square inch of this paper with facts related to law enforcement, their activities, their lives and deaths, the good things officers do as well as the bad things. I could rationally and systematically analyze police encounters and explain what the cops did was good, within policy and the law and what they did wrong and out of policy and the law. I could cite issues related to the need for additional training and equipment, the need for more funding – in the hyped up area of the ridiculous defund the police movement – and reforms but it all would fall on deaf ears.

None of those issues are really the issues at hand. It is all about how to use politics and its weapon, anarchy, to upend this country and fundamentally change to the core the very structure and make-up of this nation. It has been stated time and time again by politicians, financiers, enablers, media and the anarchist foot soldiers to use any force necessary to achieve that stated goal.

Some may not believe that and, at times, I try very hard to not believe it either. I honestly don’t want to believe that fellow citizens of my country truly want to destroy the very country in which they live. This concept is beyond reason but it is hard to dispute the facts of what we are witnessing on a daily basis.

A week or so will tell what kind of country we will live in, how our daily lives will be affected, and what freedoms will remain. Because, you see, it is our lives, our very personal and individual lives that ultimately will be affected and controlled by the people we elect into political offices from the local to the national. Like it or not, that is the case. Our elected office holders (I refrain from using the term leader) have control over every aspect of our lives – every aspect. That is why it is so crucial to know and understand who your elected office holders are, their policies, what they stand for, and most importantly what they are going to do as your representative in government. I trust that we will remain a country operating under the ideals and tenants enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights ensuring the personal freedoms and liberties of all Americans.

Viper One Six – Out.

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