LETTER: Fundraising platform

Jeffrey M. Howards

To the editor:

Mr. Pat Proctor, the Republican candidate for House District 41, sent emails around town saying he convinced Jeff Pittman not to run for reelection when in reality Jeff is actually running for Senate District 5. You can’t run for two seats at the same time, hence Jeff Pittman is not running for reelection in the House because he is running for the state Senate. Has nothing to do with Pat Proctor but it sounded good to his base.

This time, he’s telling people that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a political organization and that “donations to this political organization go to ActBlue, the internet HQ of the Democrat Party.” Say it ain’t so. The Dems have corrupted BLM?

In case you are not familiar with ActBlue, it is a non-political, non-denominational site which is simply a fundraising platform similar to GoFundMe or even DonorsChoose,  the site that  teachers in Leavenworth and Kansas City use when seeking donations for their classrooms. I’ve often donated to them using it. They are all simply sites that serve as a platform to collect donations and then direct them to the proper recipients. No politics, no religion, no preferences. A lot of Democrats use it to collect donations and so does BLM. There is no other connection between the two. I would imagine that every political candidate is using some method of collecting donations, even Pat Proctor.

Now for those of you who would doubt the veracity of a letter to the editor, just go to FactCheck.org and search for “Donations to Black Lives Matter Group Don’t Go to DNC.”

Pat and his Republican playmates are simply making stuff up as they go along, and I include his playmates as this is apparently a national smear campaign that Pat has signed on to.

Keep it up, Pat. Those of us in Leavenworth who are honest look forward to your next chapter of the Republican slogan “Tell a lie today so we can keep the Democrats away.”