LETTER: Unity Walk

Bruce Wiley

To the editor:

Why did state representative candidate Pat Proctor refuse to attend the unity march to affirm, strengthen and commit to the equal protection clause embedded in the 14th amendment? This clause requires that our government treat each individual citizen with equal protections under the law as they would any other citizen in the same manner under similar conditions and circumstances.

We know that Proctor had been extended a personal invitation to attend this event in the name of unity. We also know that there were many elected office holders, political candidates and government officials who attended this event. Those in attendance were common sense Republicans and Democrats alike.

This leaves us to speculate as to why Proctor decided to shun this event.

Maybe he has no idea of the concept of unity within a community. Maybe he is just ignorant of what equal protection under the law means, thinking it is a bad thing. Maybe he doesn’t believe in unity or equal protection under the law for all citizens.

Maybe Proctor didn’t attend because he was busy planning yet another photo op at a different venue to send to our local newspaper or post on Facebook casting himself as a stellar civic-minded politician.

Proctor has to be very selective in the events that he attends and the ensuing photo ops to follow. To him, image is everything. He can’t be caught in a photo with “those people.” After all, what would his zealot friends think if he was caught fraternizing with the equal protection crowd celebrating unity within our community.