LETTER: Education or politics?

Rev. R. Grossman

To the editor:

I have attended several fundraisers recently in the hopes of trying to understand why we have such a pathetic excuse for a K1-12 educational system. I have come to the conclusion that it is all about politics and money rather than about educating our children.

Almost 70% of our taxes go toward education and now they are demanding more money for smaller classes. Almost 50% of our graduates leave Kansas and never to return. And who blames them?

The problem is that we have too many small boards duplicating educational services throughout the state. Every study conducted comes to the same conclusion – we are too top heavy.

Administrators make high six-figure salaries for such a pathetic return on our money. And our local politicians refuse to yield power and control by combining forces for the betterment of our children. How pathetic our elected officials in the Senate and House supporting this theft of our tax dollars that should be going toward the betterment of our children.

Our educational system in K1-12 is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. The Senate and House need to stop passing the buck and side-stepping our questions by saying it is a local board issue.

Time to do away with overpaid administrators and do what is best for our children. If this was private enterprise there would be mass firings. School should be more than a babysitting service for free breakfast, lunch and after-school meals.

If this pandemic showed us anything, it showed us that we do not need high schools to educate our kids. It’s about time parents got off their rear ends and educate the kids they gave birth to. That is not my job.

Attend a school board meeting and demand action.