LETTER: Mask debate

Bill Page

To the editor:

Thank God for the Leavenworth County Board of Commissioners.

In a stunning display of common sense, the board recently voted not to require masks in all public gatherings. Thank you. We are all perfectly capable of figuring out if we need a mask or not and when to wear one or not.

Masks are of questionable value. Most of them are so porous that the virus can go right through them.

Masks restrict oxygen flow to the brain. That is why they don’t recommend them for children under 5 years old. My brain needs oxygen too.

Masks collect bacteria as you breathe into them. It doesn’t take long for your mask to become a little germ-ridden petri dish which compromises your own health.

If you want to wear one, go ahead. I prefer not to.

The commission’s decision was a good one for another reason. This is an excellent first step to reopening our schools. This is incredibly important. We must reopen our schools, including all sports programs, music programs, theater arts programs and any other program requiring or enhanced by face-to-face interaction. These programs are vital to the growth and development of our young people.

Fears about the health of our children in regards to the coronavirus are massively overblown. The data shows that children, if they get the virus at all, suffer only minor symptoms. Usually, they are asymptomatic. The flu is actually much more dangerous for children than the coronavirus. Also, the World Health Organization claims asymptomatic individuals rarely, if ever, spread the disease.

So open the schools.

Final note to the commissioners, good job. Before this week, I didn’t even know who you were. Now I am a supporter.