LETTER: Vote for Griswold

Amy Reinhold

To the editor:

This is the first letter to the editor I have ever written. This is not to say that I am not engaged or politically unaware or that I do not have strong opinions on certain topics at times. But this is the first time I have felt the need to make others aware of my personal experience with, and knowledge of, one of our candidates that leads me to support him wholeheartedly.

The candidate I speak of is Myron “Mike” Griswold. I have known Mike for many years as a friend and colleague in his capacity as the school board president for USD 207 where I am a teacher and as a respected leader in our community in his positions as city commissioner and now mayor of Leavenworth.

As a lifelong independent, I look to the content of one’s character and their demonstrated leadership abilities when deciding who to vote for, and I can say that Mike checks all of the boxes.

Anyone who has had the privilege of knowing or working with Mike can attest to his honesty and integrity. He is someone that you can count on to always do what is right and stand up for what he believes in. If you speak to his colleagues or men and women who have worked under him, they will all speak highly of Mike, and that is not always the case, especially where rank is involved.

There are seven habits that all highly effective leaders possess – being proactive or taking initiative, beginning with the end in mind or planning toward the best end result, putting first things first or prioritizing, thinking win-win or how can we make this work for everyone, seeking first to understand then to be understood which involves being a good listener, working well with others to accomplish a common goal and sharpening the saw which means allowing for a good life balance.

I can honestly say that Mike has demonstrated all of these qualities from the first day I had the privilege of meeting him and in every position of leadership he has held.

Mike Griswold will have my vote for the House of Representatives. I hope you will see fit to cast your vote for him as well.

If you did not request a mail-in ballot, advance voting has begun at the Leavenworth County Courthouse. You need to call 913-684-0421 when you arrive and they will let you in to vote or you may vote in person Aug. 4.