LETTER: Dirty politics

Donna Gillett

To the editor:

This will answer the question in the gentleman’s letter Aug. 1-2 regarding the July 28 letter titled “Vote for Watkins.” He noted that the endorsement of 2nd District U.S. Rep. Steve Watkins by the Navy Seal team had “a lot of nice things to say about” the candidate.

He asked if the recent charging of Watkins was left out by mistake. The answer is no. It was not a mistake to refuse to buy in with the dirty politics charge of voter fraud that was levied against Watkins 30 minutes before he took the stage in a Republican primary debate.

That debate was sponsored by NBC affiliate KSNT of Topeka and Watkins said that the timing of the charges was “very suspicious. I look forward to clearing my name. I have done nothing wrong and look forward to setting the record straight.”

Watkins had used his UPS address instead of his residence address. It is not uncommon for elected officials to use their P.O. Box instead of their home address, but Watkins did not have a box number. Watkins registered his home address in 2019 and cooperated with the DA’s investigation. The charges are hyper political. Under questioning about why it took so long for the charges to go public, Shawnee County Attorney Mike Kagay said the investigation was delayed significantly by the coronavirus shutdowns, but that was not until March 2020.

The main kicker is that Kagay shares a political consultant with Watkins’ primary opponent Jake LaTurner. Suspiciously, Kagay won’t be ready to settle the case until December, after the election.

Godspeed to Rep. Watkins who kept his promises to support President Trump’s efforts to preserve America and the U.S. Constitution. Remember, LaTurner ran on the same Republican platform which is far better than the Democratic platform billed by NPR as a “Biden-Sanders effort.”