LETTER: Time for change

Rev. R. Grossman

To the editor:

As a dedicated Republican based on the declarations of the party, I am also a cross-over who believes in voting for the best candidate and not someone that is simply identified by party affiliation. As such, I attend both Republican and Democratic functions in order to question and listen to the responses, or lack thereof, from the candidates claiming to represent me and my agenda (not theirs).

While at the Democratic headquarters, I had the opportunity to hear the opinions of the No. 2 leader of the party here in Leavenworth specifically state the he would sooner vote for “mentally ill Joe Biden” than “draft dodging, money laundering Donald Trump.” No evidence was given and he did not want to hear my position that Trump did not dodge the draft. He used the laws to avoid wearing the uniform and there was no evidence that he was laundering money through his overseas hotels. I was simply waiting to see who Biden’s VP choice would be before deciding who to vote for. Based on his tirades I am convinced that Trump gets my vote.

When attending a recent Republican town hall meeting, I was subjected to an opening prayer that praised Jesus and excluded all Muslims and Jews. I also heard a Black candidate for a presently Democratic Senate seat call the Democrats “DemiRATS” that needed to be attacked as much as possible and how he plans to start groups whose sole purpose would be to convert non-affiliated voters through a system of phone calls and more. Is this how he intends to lead if elected to the Senate?

There is simply way too much indoctrination going on in both parties. Hate the Democrats. Hate the Republicans. Regardless of what the issues are or the qualifications of the candidates, it is not who you vote for but which party you dump on more.

I ask all citizens to attend both town hall meetings and listen to the messages. These meetings need to stop being good old boy clubs. Hear the positions and vote for the most qualified candidate. It has nothing to do with sex, race or religion. It has to do with issues. If not, then we are doomed to becoming a break-apart republic much like Russia a few years ago. We have to be better than the hatred shown at both party town halls. Time for a change. Only you can make it happen. Cross party lines for the best candidate when appropriate.