LETTER: Facing the abyss

Bruce Wiley

To the editor:

Those of us who believe in science know that muck, among other things, rolls down hill. The same can be said in political science if you have been paying attention over the last few months to certain politicians’ response to COVID-19.

We all are aware that at the top of the heap we have a professional muck merchant and chief that will stoop to any level just to hold onto power no matter how many of our fellow Americans end up in the back of a refrigerated truck.

A successful muck merchant needs someone down the pipeline with similar views and tactics to assist in feeding as much muck as possible to the gullible among us. Let’s refer to these individuals as political muck merchant middle managers.

That fits this description of would-be state representative candidate Pat Proctor.

In the early spring, his role model said that when warm weather arrives, COVID-19 will disappear like magic. Ditto Proctor. The role model said that COVID-19 was a hoax perpetuated by Democrats and the news media. Ditto Proctor. The role model said that we shouldn’t protect our citizens by temporarily shutting down businesses like restaurants and bars to curb the spread. Ditto Proctor. The role model attacks health experts from Dr. Fauci down to the state and local public health officers. Ditto Proctor. The role model says face masks shouldn’t be required indoors in public places. Ditto Proctor. The role model attacks the efforts of governors, mayors, city and county governing bodies in an effort to get this virus under control. Ditto Proctor. The role model insists that in order to open up our economy we need to put our children back into the classroom immediately without regard to the risks to their health and safety, even in the rampant spread of hot spots. Ditto Proctor.

Being gullible is not an option in these times of COVID-19. It’s our duty to make sure that these muck merchants never hold a position of authority over our lives after Nov. 3. No more convoluted lies. No more unfounded attacks filled with muck. No more glossing over failed policies. What we all need now is old fashioned American leadership to lead us out of the abyss that we are currently facing.