LETTER: Postal service

John Cain

To the editor:

I have been hearing for months that the U.S. Postal Service is running out of money to operate and that its operations are being cut back. Apparently one reason is current presidential politics. The is most disturbing since much of my life, I heard from my late father about the long tradition of the postal service that is completely separate from politics. He was a World War II veteran and an employee of the post office, retiring after 47 years. If he were still alive, he would find unimaginable the present situation of a president blatantly refusing to fund the postal service.

Americans depend on the postal service for all types of communications, legal notices, packages, Social Security payments, critical medical prescriptions and publications. Some seasons are busier than others such as fall voting (especially for thousands of military on duty far from home), Christmas mailing rush and tax season.

If Congress does not stand up to resolve this situation, to include overriding any presidential veto, our two-century postal tradition will become one major casualty of a soon to be broken federal government that is only subject to the temper tantrum whim of whoever controls the White House.

The founding fathers viewed the postal service as so important they provided for it in the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 7.