Letter to the editor: Editorial missed the mark

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

In your editorial of July 26, it was stated the decision to send federal law enforcement officers into American cities should not be taken lightly. The examples of imaginary use of federal troops against transgender people or undocumented workers is not relevant to the example of a federal courthouse.

There have been 12 times presidents have called in militia to help:

1) 1957: President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborne along with the National Guard to desegregate Little Rock, Ark., schools.

2) 1962: President Kennedy sent 120 federal marshals to integrate University of Mississippi.

3) 1963: President Kennedy federalized National Guard to help integrate University of Alabama.

4) 1963: Integration of Alabama schools after court order.

5) 1965: President Johnson federalized National Guard for Selma Montgomery Civil Rights.

6) 1967: President Johnson sent thousands of Army troops and National Guard at Detroit riots.

7) 1968: Chicago asked for help and got thousands of troops for riots after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered.

8) 1968: 13,600 Army troops occupied Washington, D.C., for riots after MLK Jr. murder.

9) 1968: Thousands of troops deployed in Baltimore for riots following MLK Jr. murder.

10) 1970: President Nixon called in National Guard for help in postal strike in New York City to get the mail moving.

11) 1989: President Bush called National Guard to control looting at U.S. Virgin Island following Hurricane Hugo.

12) 1992: President Bush activated 2,000 reserve officers for riots after Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles.

The editorial does a great disservice to presidents from both parties who did what was needed, just as President Trump did.

Verne E. Dow, Topeka