LETTER: Person or party?

Bill Dameron

To the editor:

Experience, competence, honesty, agenda, values and intelligence are very important in selecting a public servant. In the past, many have voted for the person, thinking the best person will do the best job, regardless of party. No more.

I suggest that approach is no longer valid for any federal candidate. Every one of them is too attached to his/her party and can’t be trusted at the personal level. Republicans try to do their jobs. Democrats don’t – they are totally corrupt.

Joe Biden may be a nice guy, or seem to be, but he’s a Democrat. Kamala Harris may seem nice to some people, but she has never gone against her party.

Democrats had their presidential convention this week. They endlessly blame President Trump for all problems, but there are many reasons not to vote for them. Those reasons should not be ignored.

The Democrats are the party of violence and disruption. They call the burning, looting, rock and bottle throwing and violence a “peaceful protest.” Some even deny it is happening, as did Gerald Nadler. They blame white supremacists and federal personnel brought in to protect federal buildings.

Law and order isn’t important to Democrats. They have called for defunding the police departments in major cities such as New York, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle. In New York, murders and shootings not involved with the protests are up by more than 30% this summer. The same is true of Chicago.

Democrats of today are not those of 20 years ago. The party has moved to the left – toward socialism or even communism. Bernie Sanders has influenced them greatly, as has Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

Many of their agenda items seem insane: open borders, sanctuary cities, raising taxes, ending fracking and coal mining, free health care for illegal aliens, reparations for Black Americans, free health care and college and even a guaranteed living income.

Their fixation on eliminating carbon emissions is an incredibly expensive goal which isn’t needed. Carbon dioxide is only 400 parts per million of the air, too thin to have any effect whatever on the Earth’s temperature, despite the insistent clamor that we’re all going to die from too much CO2.

Even if you believe their agenda items are desirable, most will never make it through Congress. They’re impractical.

Democratic candidates for governor and mayor are also bad news. Consider how they have mismanaged their state and city governments. Compare states and cities governed by Democrats to those of Republicans.

Try to remember, if you can, any Democratic legislation intended to improve America since Clinton’s presidency. The Affordable Care Act might be the only one. Think of any example of bipartisanship – there only have been a few since Clinton.

There are some Democratic candidates who will seem attractive. But they follow their leaders. Voting for a Democratic congressman is a vote for Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. How often do Democratic legislators vote against their party? Almost never. Their candidate for president has been in government for more than 40 years. He is now, and always has been, a person without accomplishment. Now, he’s too old and has trouble completing sentences. Give him the toughest job in the world? Hardly.

What do Democrats offer, other than hate and obstruction for Donald Trump?

Voting for any Democrat is a bad idea in 2020, no matter if he or she is a superior person.