LETTER: Choosing a candidate

Rev. R. Grossman

To the editor:

It concerns me greatly that a vast majority of voters choose to vote party ticket rather than considering the issues involved. This year once again I find myself voting against candidates rather than for them. I have been ostracized by the Republican Party that I have been a loyal member of since the Nixon days because I choose to vote for some Democrats. I am not voting Democratic. I am simply demanding that members of my party show more integrity than they have been. I also refuse to vote for a candidate because they are Black or a woman or identifying otherwise. I want the most qualified candidate.

Telling me that I should vote for you because you want to be the first female senator in Kansas history will never get you my vote. I pray that someday the candidates will run on their qualifications and not the color of their skin or their sex.

Demanding that I vote for a Democratic presidential candidate because he was forced to choose a Black female insinuates that there is not a single qualified white woman or man for the job.

The No. 2 Democrat in Leavenworth telling me that he would sooner vote for a mentally ill Biden than Trump is frightening. Telling me you want to support constituents that believe in BLM but that you refute that organization every chance you get is pathetic.

To all my fellow Republicans, maybe it is time to cross over and vote for the best candidates. Pittman and Scholtz appear to represent what is important. And they do not lie. They do not fabricate falsehoods and try to make it appear as if they represent the people when they simply only represent big business like Sen. Braun and the Bhan Thai owner Pat Proctor.

Hopefully the League of Women Voters will sponsor a candidate forum but it appears as if they are on the fence. This forum is needed. I beg my fellow Republicans to consider the issues and not vague party affiliations.

My choices this time around are Trump, Pittman, Scholtz and Marshall. Please choose carefully. You owe that to this great nation, but whatever you do, get out and vote.