LETTER: Vote for Mike

Norm Greczyn

To the editor:

I am a registered Republican and I am writing to recommend a Democrat, Mike Griswold, for election to the Kansas Legislature as the state representative from District 41. Mike is head and shoulders above his opponent with respect to the upcoming general election.

I have known Mike several years. I served with him at Fort Hood, Texas, when he was a tank battalion commander. Later he was the division comptroller handling the 1st Cavalry Division’s finances, an extremely complex undertaking. I learned quickly that he was a man who will always choose “the harder right instead of the easier wrong.” At Fort Leavenworth, we both worked together on various projects in the training area, including after we retired. We served together on the Subscribers Advisory Committee for Armed Forces Insurance, where Mike further established his reputation for taking care of people, building strong teams and having a vision for the future.

In 2018, I was extremely happy to see Mike elected to the Leavenworth City Commission, and subsequently to the mayor position. Mike is a person who does not cause you to think of any political party because he is not a politician. Instead, he is a dedicated open-minded public servant, through and through. He gets after issues, plain and simple, and he will have a plan.

In America, we have an expression, the “common good,” which is rarely mentioned any more with the extreme polarization in our society and the left and right “wing nuts.” What is the common good? It’s what most Americans value, no matter the political party, race, religion, state or region. We find the common good woven throughout our founding documents.

Most of us want simple things: raise a family, have children, a place to live, a job that pays a fair wage and to provide for our family’s health, welfare and education. We want to have justice and enforcement of the laws, in a fair and impartial manner, and we don’t want to have an economic system that is rigged in favor of large businesses “too big to fail.” We need infrastructure to support our business, commerce and other enterprises.

I understand enough about Mike Griswold to know that when he goes to Topeka, we the people, and our common good, will be his driving goal. Mike is neither a divider or a grandstander; he is a unifier, and we sorely need leaders of his kind throughout the land. No matter what your party, vote for Mike in the general election in November. You won’t be disappointed.