LETTER: Vote for Proctor

Mark Fischer

To the editor:

The great sixteenth century church reformer, Martin Luther, wrote: “In a good government there is need not only for builders and rulers, but also for defenders, protectors, and vigilant guardians.”

I am writing in support of Pat Proctor, candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 41st District.

I am a retired chief petty officer and now serve St. Martin Lutheran Church as its pastor. My navy career (22 years) taught me much about leadership, vision and energy required to accomplish a variety of missions. Proctor exhibits all these characteristics, learned, I’m sure, from his role in our armed forces and service in those regions and nations where our values as Americans are non-existent. He is a business owner and resident with a vested interest in the growth and safety of the citizens and residents of his district.

Proctor has articulated those values lifted up by Luther centuries ago through several conversations we have had because of comments on a social media site. His response was quick and thoughtful, and his listening skills made me feel that my voice and opinion was heard.

We need more leaders like Pat Proctor.