LETTER: Leadership counts

Judith Price

To the editor:

Mike Griswold and I both adopted Leavenworth as our hometown after retiring from the military and continue to serve the public. I’ve known Mike for several years as a dedicated leader interested in the well-being and future of Leavenworth.

As a public servant, Mike has a proven record of taking complex issues, like mental health, and driving to their heart to develop common sense solutions, seeking the common good to help our community.

As president of the USD 207 board, Mike strongly supports and values public education. He knows we must invest in all levels, starting with early childhood, and cannot shortchange students with special needs. Education is an investment in our future as a community, providing a stable workforce and solid citizens.

I have tremendous confidence in Mike’s character and abilities and will enthusiastically vote for him to represent the 41st District of Kansas. His demonstrated leadership makes a difference in our community. Let’s join together and send Mike to Topeka. Once there, he’ll serve all of us, not just himself.