LETTER: Senate race

Bruce Wiley

To the editor:

Do you have any idea who your state senator is? Probably not. Here is a hint or two. He was selected, not elected. He got the position on the strong recommendation of his predecessor, Steve Fitzgerald, who bugged out because he came in fourth place in the primary against Steve Watkins.

Did you know our unelected state senator chose to live in Wyandotte County instead of our community? Did you know our unelected state senator has a commonality with Fitzgerald because he too is a fourth-place loser. The community in which he resides doesn’t hold him in high regard because after two attempts running for office he was soundly rejected.

So are you still stumped as to who our state senator is? Think hard as you try to fathom who our unelected mystery state senator is. Try listing any accomplishments that he has made while in office to make life better for our community. That won’t help because we are looking at a goose egg in that department. Think about that guy who had his picture taken in front of the Centennial Bridge hoping voters will actually relate to him even though he has no enduring ties to our home town.

Try remembering the name Kevin Braun. Write it down if necessary because you will need to know it when you see it on the ballot at election time. After you cast your ballot you can forget this guy ever existed.