LETTER: Health orders

Randolph Oberlin

To the editor:

Are you aware that the Leavenworth City Commission is about to adopt an ordinance that will allow the police department to enforce public health orders? This means that citations could be ordered for any violation of said orders. So the county public health person could issue an order to shut down all non-essential businesses, order mandatory masks and mandatory social distancing and the police will be authorized to enforce it with fines. So we will end up with some unelected bureaucrat issuing edicts based on opinions and flawed computer models.

Opinions are like armpits, everyone has a couple. There will be no public input as to which businesses are essential and which are not. Nice way to run a representative government. Big Brother knows best.

Will the police conduct surprise inspections on restaurants to make sure the rules are being followed? Will they be issuing citations to people walking down the sidewalk without a mask?

If this comes to pass, enforcement will be totally arbitrary. I would think the police department has more important issues to deal with.

The last shutdown was totally unnecessary and unjustified. This county has had a whopping 1,740 residents test positive out of a population of about 76,000. That’s around 2%. The number who have died is nine. That’s about 0.01%.

This is all since Jan. 1. Doesn’t sound like a pandemic to me. Show me the scientific studies that support the assumption that going to the barber was more dangerous than going to Walmart. All the models used by public health officials were wrong. Not just a little wrong, but wrong by a country mile. Will public health officials be held accountable if their pronouncements are wrong?

I really don’t care what the 2020 Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities says. Cities are allowed to adopt all or part of this code. This code needs a close review by the state Legislature. Revisions need to be approved in that manner. Last time I checked, that’s how things are supposed to work. I was not able to find the current document online. The most recent was 2018. Pass enough laws and everyone will be guilty of something. I noticed that none of the city commissioners objected to or questioned this high-handed action. Rest assured, I will vote against each and every one of you at the earliest opportunity.