LETTER: Executive qualifications

Pat Davidson

To the editor:

A week ago, I asked a simple question on Facebook. What is the single most important qualification for president? I got a couple laughs, and one person asked me to go first. After thinking about it some more, I have two – trustworthiness and leadership.

Our current president has no trustworthiness. He lies, constantly, and then lies about lying.

Leadership, not there either. He lies to our country about a disease that the world has called a pandemic, and instead of creating a national plan of action, defers to the governors to handle it. He says he did it to be a leader, to prevent panic?

He is out of his league – no tax or bankruptcy attorneys to cover for him now. A few months ago, he stated that he felt no responsibility for the results of his actions or inactions, and then claimed ultimate authority over governors to make them open their states.

It’s been a long time since I was on active duty, but I believe with authority comes responsibility. The CO of a ship has authority over his crew, but also bears responsibility to and for them.