LETTER: Facts not politics

Timothy Johnson
Bonner Springs

To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor was disappointing in that the author appeared to be disparaging Wyandotte County residents and inferred that they do not deserve equal or good representation in the Kansas Legislature. As a former school board member in the Piper district where Sen. Braun resides, we were very proud of academic and athletic achievements. One of our grads appears on a major TV show and we are just as proud of Wyandotte County as you are of your enclave in Leavenworth.

Another issue represented in that letter claimed that Sen. Braun is ineffective and not accomplishing anything on behalf of the voters. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is an absolute leader in the Right to Life movement in the Legislature. Were it not for his opponent, the Value Them Both Amendment may well have appeared on the ballot in August.

When it comes to Kansas transportation, Sen. Braun is a dynamo. He is working with me and other county leaders to obtain a needed road change at a deadly intersection of 158th Street and Kansas Highway 32. He has worked with others in areas on Kansas Highway 7 for improvements and approval of road modifications so businesses can come into Lansing.

Those are facts, not politics.