LETTER: In favor of Sen. Braun

Lynda Robison

To the editor:

This is in response to last week’s question “Who is Sen. Braun?”

He was unanimously selected by precinct committeemen and women of both Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties when a contender decided to not run and after talking with him, realizing he was the best person for the seat. He is the only veteran in the race who has risked his life in two wars for our freedom. He’s the candidate with the discipline to not miss any days of work or votes during session. He’s the legislator who negotiated the Centennial Bridge replacement on the KDOT 10-year plan. He’s the candidate that the Senate Ways & Means chairwoman created a new stand-alone committee on Kansas Veterans Affairs funding for Sen. Braun to chair.

He’s the only freshman legislator in the race to carry seven bills, six of which passed. He’s the candidate that single-handedly achieved a rare 40-0 vote in his first year of his first term in the Kansas Senate. That speaks to Sen. Braun’s powerful communication skills and ability to coalesce people on both sides of the aisle around a cause.

He is not the candidate that has missed 28 days of work and 19 critical votes. He is not the candidate who has voted 100% pro-abortion. He is not the candidate who was the deciding vote in the House on the largest tax increase in Kansas legislative history.

As a member of the majority party, Sen. Braun is the only candidate in the race that can get bills through committees and through the Senate to actually help Leavenworth County.