LETTER: Worthy candidate

Mike Powell

To the editor:

I got to know Pat Proctor while he still was on active duty and serving on post. I soon recognized he was the kind of man I wanted to be friends with. What I saw in him was reflected in what others on post also recognized – he has courage, moral character and you can trust him. As many of us have done, he fell in love with this community and its people and after 25 years serving others, he retired here.

He and his wife started a business. He had to learn what it means to make a business work and take care of the people who work for you. He also saw a need in downtown Leavenworth and with his own resources, began to invest in the city’s future, working to revitalize our business district and bring in new businesses.

In his second career as a college professor, he also began to get a first-hand understanding of how our kids are coming out of our K-12 public school system. He is concerned. But just owning a business or teaching a class doesn’t really show the measure of a man. But doing it in a pandemic does. Like every other business person in America, he had to fight to keep his business open. For Pat, this also meant keeping as many people employed as long as he could. The records shows he has done both well.

He has also been given a deep appreciation for the challenges that face our public schools as he has had to work through the daunting task of reaching and teaching students at the other end of an internet connection.

What clinched it for me was not what Pat did for himself, but what he did for others. As he saw local people losing jobs and struggling to make ends meet, he took his own money and called on others to join him and began distributing food and other necessary items to hundreds of people in our community. Not a dime came from the government.

Pat has a deep commitment to people – to creating jobs, restoring the vitality of our community and preparing our kids for a bright future. He is focused on ending job-killing policies and raising our children’s educational achievement with more dollars back in the classroom.

Pat Proctor is a resourceful businessman, a great communicator who knows how to work with people wherever they are and has a deep commitment to our kids’ futures. I think of him not just as a friend, but the person I want to represent me in Topeka in the Kansas House of Representatives 41st District.