LETTER: Meals and diplomas

Rev R. Grossman

To the editor:

I had the opportunity to attend a recent League of Women Voters’ meeting where the guest speaker was Janet Waugh, vice chair of District 1 of the Board of Education. The only candidate for office present was Pat Proctor who attended (wearing a face mask) in order to learn “about the challenges facing our schools amid COVID.” His opponent was nowhere in sight and I want to thank Mr. Proctor for taking the time to learn firsthand about issues facing those he seeks to represent come election time.

The presentation by Ms. Waugh was enlightening and educational, something I cannot say about the school system she represents. I learned two vital issues while there. Our schools are feeding children up to the age of 18 anywhere from one to three meals a day and school buses are being used to deliver these meals to the children. And there is no real plan for assuring that all the high school diplomas that have been handed out this year were actually earned. There was no real testing involved. Neither of these items are acceptable.

The school system is not a free meal handout with a “meals-on-wheels” delivery system. Maybe Grub Hub should get a part of this and deliver to the homeschooled kids. As a taxpayer I am sick and tired of footing the bill for services that should be left to either Social Services, the Food Stamp program or the parents who bore these kids. There are simply too many homeless veterans and citizens that are going hungry while our our tax dollars that should be going to education go to three meals a day. What's next? Weekend meals as well?

I am hoping that some political candidate will take a stand and enact legislation forcing the appropriate agencies to foot the bill for these free food handouts so that the money can truly be spent on education. Time to put a stop to all the abuse. Even though I know I will lose, maybe I’ll run for a school board position next time around in order to expose all the con games in our socialist educational system.

If I decide to relocate my company to Kansas, you can bet that I will be testing all job applicants before I accept the 2020 diplomas that, for the most part, should be used as toilet paper.