LETTER: Political labels

Pat Davidson

To the editor:

I have had issues with the terms liberal and conservative, at least in a political vein. I just received a mailer that caused me to think about it, and I may have some answers.

The mailer announces in big, bold print, “Barbara Bollier: Another Liberal Extremist.” So since what I’ve seen of her indicates she is consistently centrist in her decisions, liberal must mean anyone who is not considered conservative.

What defines a conservative? The primaries were full of adds in which Republicans all seemed to be competing for the title Mr./Mrs./Miss Conservative, but at the same time, they all seemed to be devoting their fealty to President Donald Trump.

So President Donald Trump must be the ultimate conservative. That means a conservative is selfish, boastful and has little concern for truth and honesty.

A conservative must call themselves law and order, and transparent, while hiding behind the law and a wall of lawyers. A conservative poses for photographs with the Bible while their actions seem to be breaking as many of the Ten Commandments as possible.

Another example of this is a candidate who calls herself a “proud conservative.” Isn’t pride considered one of the seven deadly sins? A conservative will apparently believe anything that is said as long as it matches their own personal beliefs – no need to think or determine if it is true or not.

I don’t consider myself liberal or conservative, but since I’m not conservative, I must be a liberal extremist. I don’t care much for either political party. They have locked up state and federal Legislatures with their own rules of operation, creating two party dictatorships where the majority decides not only what is acted upon, but what is even allowed to be considered. Maybe it’s time for a third party, one which considers what is best for the state and country instead of party or ideology.