LETTER: Will Joe debate?

Bill Dameron

To the editor:

Almost everyone believes the upcoming presidential election, in less than seven weeks, is critical to America’s future. Most Democrats, anxious for power, believe another four years of Trump’s presidency will be unendurable.

Every Republican fears a Biden presidency, and if they gain the House and Senate, they will make Republicans irrelevant for many years.

Democrats have publicly talked about increasing the number of justices in the Supreme Court, eliminating the Electoral College, creating two new states (Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia) and giving citizenship to all illegal aliens.

If Biden or Kamala Harris becomes president with both houses of Congress, every one of these changes could be rammed down the throats of Americans. Four more Democrat justices would give Democrats permanent control. Electing presidents by popular vote would make the big, populous states dominant. Citizenship for all aliens would pump millions of Democrat voters into the population. Four added senators from D.C. and Puerto Rico will be a huge advantage for the left.

If Democrats gain control of the Senate, they will abolish the filibuster. Since they always vote as a block, they will be able to pass any bill, no matter how outrageous. The minority party might as well not even show up.

It amazes me that Biden is expected to win. He began his career as a lawyer, was elected to the Senate in 1973, and served there until he became vice president in 2009. That’s 36 continuous years without any notable accomplishment. He has never served in the military or managed a business. In November he will be 78 years old, a perpetual politician.

In his presidential campaign, since the COVID-19 shutdown, Joe has mostly stayed in his cellar. When he has emerged for a public appearance, he hasn’t answered any questions of substance. He has usually read from his teleprompter. In his few ad lib comments, he sometimes lost track of his train of thought. Many Republicans believe he has cognitive difficulties.

I doubt he can face the treatment he’ll get in the debates. Will he step onto the stage with Trump and Wallace at the first one, scheduled for Sept. 29? I think he’ll find some excuse. That would cost him politically, but an in-person debate risks disaster.

Joe might delude himself into thinking he can pull it off, but his advisers will counsel him to avoid the debate.

If Joe doesn’t back out completely, he might agree to a remote appearance from his basement, where someone, out of sight, possibly could coach him.

Mike Wallace, as moderator, or Donald Trump, his opponent, will be too tough on Joe, who in my opinion can’t think on his feet. If the debate happens, Donald will need to restrain his killer instinct in order to avoid looking like a big bully. The same for Mike Pence in the vice presidential debate. Harris will come out with a vicious, memorized attack, but Pence will prevail.

Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t believe Joe should debate. There is little time left before Sept. 29. We’ll soon know what Joe will do.