LETTER: ‘Suckers or losers’

John Bormolini

To the editor:

We spent five years in Germany. While there, we visited several cemeteries including a WWI cemetery in France. The most daunting was the Normandy American Cemetery. There are 9,385 interned there. It was a warm and peaceful day with a wisp of wind that gently fluttered the flags. It seemed to be saying, “Thanks for what you did giving all for our country, may you rest in peace.”

My son and I took a trip to Tunisia. While there we had the honor to visit the North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, a World War II military war grave cemetery located in the town of Carthage, close to Tunis, in Tunisia. The  cemetery, the only American one in North Africa, was dedicated in 1960. It contains 2,841 American war dead.

None of those who gave all are “losers” or “suckers” giving all for our beloved country. The same can be said for those who are interned at Leavenworth National Cemetery and Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery. Rest in peace.