LETTER: Supreme Court

Roger F. Harrison

To the editor:

We have heard from POTUS, Sen. Cruz and a White House adviser – oops, I mean Tucker Carlson – that Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg did not dictate her wish to her granddaughter that the new Supreme Court justice be nominated until after the election is over. So Sen. Cruz has blocked the Democratic resolution honoring Justice Ginsberg, allegedly put forth by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Sen. Lindsay Graham states, in a videotaped statement, about not going through this procedure until after the election.

When Judge Barrett was interviewed by CBS in 2016, she rejected the idea of former President Barack Obama filling a vacancy during an election year. She said it could “dramatically flip the balance of power.” You have videotaped statements by Republicans stating the same.

Advisers, senators and others, where is your backbone, your integrity? Can we believe Sen. McConnell that there will be a smooth transition of power if POTUS was to lose? Can we believe anything that POTUS states?

What has happened to my generation? I am sad for my children and grandchildren’s futures. We have allowed ourselves to stop worrying about our fellow man and we could be too late to fix it.