LETTER: Bullying and bashing

Kate Herbert

To the editor:

I am sick and tired of the political bullying and bashing. When did negativity become a platform? I am one of many who doesn’t care what your political affiliation is. I’m glad we live in a country where we can have our own opinions. I vote for the person – party is secondary.

A lady running for a county position knocked on our door Sunday at 4 p.m. in dressed-down clothes and a straw hat. Her opener was that the politicians that are in office are like horse poop and need to be gotten rid of. Was she serious? Yes she was, even though she wanted that same office herself. She then went on to say some negative things about her opponent, nothing about what she would do in this position or her qualifications if she had any. Then she handed me papers on a state senator she was pushing and continued the bashing. She went on to say politics aren’t a popularity contest. I guess because her candidate isn’t popular.

Her final statement was “Well you know we are Republicans and so we are pro life and pro guns” and oh, can they put signs in my yard? Uh, no thank you. Her entire speech was bashing of opponents and that since they (she and the senator) are Republican, everyone should vote for them. She did mention she was happy to meet her neighbors. There is no way she is my neighbor. She had to have someone drive her to my house.

I have questions. Why knock on my door on a Sunday afternoon and then not tell me your platform or your qualifications? What do you believe in? What will you stand up for? What are your plans once in office? Why stand there spreading rumors as a platform?

We have far too many bullies in this country already. Tell me your platform or go away.

My complaint is the constant negative bashing. I can’t stress enough that you should vote for whom you like, but please don’t just believe the bullying. Do your research and vote.