LETTER: You decide

Brittany Jones

To the editor:

Will your representatives in Topeka stand for the family values you hold dear or cave to political pressure? This November, it’s up to you to decide, and at Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, we’ve been sure to endorse candidates who share your values. But recently, a liberal activist attempted to sideline our organization for our stand for the biblical values, and specifically for endorsing candidates who share your values. He conveniently only told one side of the story but failed to point out Jeff Pittman’s habit of changing his position when liberals put pressure on him.

The candidates we support, like military veterans Kevin Braun and Pat Proctor, believe that every life is precious, are committed to giving you the opportunity to vote on Value Them Both which will stop unlimited abortion from coming to Kansas, protecting your taxpayer dollars from misuse by the abortion industry and protecting your God-given right to believe and live in accordance with your conscience.

The candidates supported by the activist either have already voted against these things or are apt to change their positions out of convenience. Specifically, Jeff Pittman as a representative has flip-flopped on the issues of life and religious freedom and finally landed on the side of radical pro-abortionist Barbara Bollier, who said Catholic beliefs on marriage and family were “sick.”

For example, in 2018, faith-based adoption agencies faced the possibility of closure due to lawsuits from liberal political groups. Jeff Pittman originally voted for legislation to provide them some protections. However, once liberal groups came out opposed, he changed his vote. Despite organizations like Catholic Charities sounding the alarm bells and calling for immediate passage of the legislation, Pittman chose politics over those who seek to find forever homes for children.

Another example of Pittman’s record of flip-flopping came in 2019 when the Legislature was debating a bill that would provide women with information about dangerous pill abortions and the potential reversal of the pill’s effects. Pittman voted for it twice, but at the last minute decided that women should not have the information once liberal leaders in Topeka applied pressure.

A final example of Rep. Pittman changing his position occurred this year when he opposed giving you the opportunity to vote on the Value Them Both amendment. While he claims to oppose taxpayer funded abortions, Pittman blocked this measure that clearly noted that the state cannot force taxpayers to pay for abortion. It is no secret that the Kansas Democratic Party and Gov. Kelly put pressure on politicians like Pittman to vote lockstep on this issue.

The people of Leavenworth, Lansing and Kansas City deserve better than Jeff Pittman.

Meanwhile, Kevin Braun and Pat Proctor are fighting to protect families, life and religious freedom. On Nov. 3, you decide which candidate represents your values? We believe Kansas family values are still alive and well and that truth will shine forth on election day.

Editor’s note: Brittany Jones is the director of advocacy at the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.