LETTER: State the facts

Jeffrey Howards

To the editor:

Mr. Grossman pointed out that the only candidate in attendance at the League of Women Voters’ meeting was Pat Proctor.

I'm not a candidate, but as a senior member of the Leavenworth Democratic Party, I was there at the table next to Proctor representing all the Democratic candidates.

I guess we were at different meetings. School buses are not being used to deliver meals, and as for meals for students, more power to the system that prioritizes children’s well being over dollars. Guess you’ve never been hungry or had to miss a meal for lack of transportation. You are worried about homeless and vets not getting a free meal. How much are you donating monthly in products and funds to local food banks? We are regulars at making donations to local food banks, are you? Half our $1,200 stimulus check went directly to local food donations.

And finally, you say our high school students are being given diplomas without earning them. My grandchildren go to Leavenworth High School and they are working their butts off both in class and online doing all their work and meeting all the requirements while participating in approved after school activities. When did you last visit their schools to see just how much work both the students and the teachers are doing? You call it a socialist education system. You mean because we all contribute tax dollars to pay for the common school system?

I’m a retired officer with 20-plus years in the Marines and Army, as are many local members and Democratic Party candidates. We just prefer to let our deeds speak for themselves and not flaunt past military accomplishments in the largest font possible on billboards.