LETTER: Good work

Walt Mack

To the editor:

I write to commend the city of Leavenworth on recent improvements made at Bill Cody Park.

Last year, the parks department removed paving and blocked off part of trail there. The removed section came too close to where Five Mile Creek threatened undercutting the creek bank. A large tree, already uprooted, hung over the stream and lured the young or adventurous to climb out on it. Indeed, I witnessed such a dangerous attempt. A fall would have caused real injury.

From park employees, I understood at the time that the city didn’t have funds to rectify the problem. But this summer, they seemingly found money and beautifully took care of it.

Thick weeds and undergrowth were removed, the creek bank sculpted and rip-rap placed to manage the undercutting. Above this rock, workmen planted trees and grass which are thriving and poured a concrete walk to replaced the section torn out.

Now, instead of tall weeds hiding the stream or the bank possibly collapsing, we can enjoy the tumbling creek without fear. We can walk the full trail, too, under a canopy of stately trees.

Thank you, my adopted city.