LETTER: Thinking people

Pat Davidson

To the editor:

Who is going to pay the bills? Once upon a time there was a political party that had a platform that called for reducing the national debt. Then that party sold its soul for campaign funding. Now that party seems to have abandoned any consideration for paying the debts of the country for increasing the personal wealth of the already wealthy.

You can say that the national debt has increased because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the debt has been increasing faster ever since the last tax reform. I do not want to burden my children and grandchildren with my debt.

Trickle-down economics still means that the most economic benefit stays at the top. If you have the wealthy write tax reform, where do you expect the greatest benefit to accrue? If you have doctors who own hospitals, and former medical support company executives write medical care policies, where do you think the financial benefit will go?

Are they going to write policies that might decrease their incomes? If someone else signs your paycheck, and you vote for people who create policies that benefit the corporations and not the working people, you are not thinking. If you vote for a particular party because you always have, you are not thinking, both parties have changed. If you are voting for a party or person because of what they say and not checking to see if their policies or actions match what they are saying, you are not thinking. If you vote one direction for one issue only, you are not thinking.

Not thinking is easy, but this country, state, county and city need people to think. I always encourage people to vote, to take part in the process, but think first.