LETTER: Revenue and jobs

Michael Mendez

To the editor:

The pandemic of 2020 has affected Kansas revenues. The Kansas attorney general filed a lawsuit with the federal government to prevent a casino from being built near Wichita that would provide revenue and jobs to Kansas. These jobs will compete with Boyd Gaming, a campaign contributor to the attorney general. Is this lawsuit a waste of Kansas taxpayer dollars?

Job creation is paramount and crucial for reducing social spending and builds upon shared prosperity for the Kansas economy. Why would the attorney general of Kansas want to prevent revenue and jobs for Kansas at this critical time? As competition for labor increases, so do employee wages. Organizations in competition with the proposed casino would need to compete for labor in a growing job market. Good for the employee, good for the state.

If the attorney general is considering a run for governor of Kansas, countering negative perceptions and questionable campaign contributions will require strong evidence as to why one would want to prevent new revenues, jobs and development to come to Kansas at such a critical time.