LETTER: Vote for Pittman

Ruth J. Heflin

To the editor:

While radical Republicans have held Medicaid expansion hostage during this pandemic, Jeff Pittman has been working across the political aisles.

Pittman proved he could negotiate in good faith with both Republicans and Democrats when he worked to repeal the failed Brownback tax experiment and to ensure the state upheld the Constitution in funding our public schools.

Pittman continues to hone his communication skills through his websites and responses to constituent emails in order to keep Kansans apprised of what our legislators have and have not been able to accomplish, providing us with an honest, direct link to help us determine the future of our state.

As a Kansas senator, Pittman will make use of his broad world knowledge gained from being a child of military parents, as well as his dedication to Kansas’ success.

As a Kansas senator, Pittman will have the power necessary to ensure that Kansans’ needs, such as requiring insurance companies working under the Affordable Care Act, to insure such necessary medical needs as bariatric surgery, something only the state of Iowa currently enjoys, will be met.

Vote for Jeff Pittman for Kansas Senate.