LETTER: Record on life

Sen. Kevin Braun/Kansas City

To the editor:

I am disheartened to have to write this letter to the editor but need to address some unfair and untrue accusations that my opponent in Senate District 5, Jeff Pittman, posted about me on Facebook by video.

On Sunday, across Catholic churches in Senate District 5, a group of pro-life Christians, led by KFL, placed a flyer, which was a letter from a Catholic church parishioner addressed to fellow Catholic church parishioners, on cars that were at the Catholic church. This letter laid out Jeff Pittman’s voting record on life. Neither I nor my campaign had anything to do with distributing this literature. In fact, I found out it was being distributed when I went to St. Patrick’s for Mass on Sunday where Bishop Nauman was giving Mass and I saw it was being handed out there. The letter, which was signed by the parishioners, only set out Rep. Pittman’s votes on the Value Them Both Amendment and on the Abortion Pill Reversal Notification Bill. It did not in any way personally attack Mr. Pittman. The letter is read in its entirety on my Facebook page video.

The video that Rep. Pittman put out at no time mentioned what the flyer said. He would not mention that the flyer was about life. He would not mention that the flyer contained his voting record on life. He did not mention that he was standing in front of a Catholic church. Instead he led people to believe that a radical flier was placed on cars that smeared his good name and lied about him.

He also said several times that they are only trying to help the community, implying that what was in the flyer was something more than what it was. This is an attempt to deflect from the real issue. He has now tried to spin the letter to make himself appear to be a victim. What was in the letter was his voting record on life. Period. A voting record does not lie. Anyone can look it up.

His video was radical and was put out to incite people. It shows how he will act under pressure, and you should all watch his video carefully because the next four years in Kansas politics will be full of pressure as we face one of the most serious economic times in Kansas history. He did not gather facts and he was not honest about what was in the flyer.

In fact, following his video and because of his dishonesty, I began receiving threats of violence, including threats posted on Jeff Pittman’s Facebook page that someone would “punch me in the mouth and gladly take the charge for it” and that if I had a loss of teeth this may cause me to rethink. That is radical. Physical threats against elected officials are illegal and have no place in any politics. Again, Jeff Pittman did not rebuke these comments. That along with his stance on life are not Kansas values. He achieved his goal today, but I wanted to set the record straight.

Life is the cornerstone of the Catholic church so it is not a surprise that this group of pro-life Christians chose to make sure that Catholics know of Jeff Pittman’s voting record. So again, while neither I or my campaign had anything to do with production or the distribution of the flyer, as a Catholic I fully support the contents of the flyer and its message. You have a right to know how your representative voted. A politician can never lie about his voting record. It follows them forever.