LETTER: Endorsements

Bill Yarrow

To the editor:

I believe that all who run for office are typically good people with good intentions but after so much of the negative political mailings and negative political ads, I just want to try to underline the positives of the candidates I support.

I want someone with good intellect, dignity, leadership and experience. Also, someone who has the best interests of their constituents and is a moderate not just tied to party lines. While all candidates may meet some of my requirements, those who come closest are Mike Griswold for state representative and Jeff Pittman for state Senate.

Jeff Pittman has represented my district in the Statehouse for two terms and has done a great job of representing most of the values I hold dear. He and his wife, Holly, are involved in many community organizations giving time and effort to all. I believe with his four years experience in Topeka, he will continue to do an excellent job for our district.

Mike Griswold and I go back many years. After we both retired from the Army, I worked for Mike as a government contractor. He was one of the finest bosses for whom I had the opportunity to work. His leadership skills were outstanding. He would always listen to opinions including those in disagreement with his own thoughts and would always come up with a decision that truly was the best choice. As my city councilman, and currently our mayor, he has good experience in elected office and is a credit to our city.

All of us cannot always agree with all our elected officials do, but those whose efforts serve the great majority of their constituents are those I support. That is why I support Jeff Pittman and Mike Griswold for election.