LETTER: Improving life for all

Linda Schukman

To the editor:

If you want an honest, straightforward, respectful man representing all constituents of Kansas Senate District 5, I believe Jeff Pittman is your man. As a highly educated and thoughtful individual, I am confident Jeff Pittman will vote on issues only after gathering all information, listening to constituents and to floor debate. Pittman has served residents of Kansas House District 41 for four years and I’ve observed him doing just that.

If you want an energetic person who brings new ideas to the table as well as one who has successfully run two previous positive campaigns, Jeff Pittman is your man. Pittman runs on his record and his aspirations for improving life for all Kansans rather than spreading negative and inaccurate information about opponents. I certainly respect Jeff Pittman for his record, his experience and his dedication to running positive, successful campaigns.

Jeff Pittman was my student in ninth-grade honors English class at West Junior High School in Leavenworth. He was a high achiever who was thoughtful and respectful of all people as a youngster, and he still is. I am proud to support him and encourage you to vote for Jeff Pittman on Nov. 3.