LETTER: Abortion issue

Rev. R. Grossman

To the editor:

Once again the ugly head of the abortion issue is playing a prime time role in our upcoming election and I am confused as to what is being argued and what is being represented. I believe in defending federal law and do not believe that any state has the legal or moral right to decide what federal laws are enforced and which ones are not, but I do believe the state has the right to decide where tax dollars are spent.

I will never support third-term abortions unless a panel of doctors verify that the mother’s life is in danger. And I will never support any law that does not carve out exceptions for rape or incest.

It appears as if the Value Them Both Amendment is necessary in order to guarantee that taxpayer funds are not used for abortions but once again this discriminates against the poor.

The argument appears to be that taxpayers didn’t pay for the pregnancy so they should not pay for the abortion.

David French, candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives, continually pushes his moral agenda with his no abortions ever belief but doesn’t care what his constituents want.

This election is not about party affiliation. It is about citizen rights and fairness.