LETTER: Vote for Proctor

Jeff Fagan

To the editor:

I first met Col. Pat Proctor as he was exploring his run for  the Kansas House of Representatives. I liked his take on things political at that time. I have since come to know him better and I like him as a person even more than as a politician. He is a tireless individual working hard to implement his vision, primarily removing barriers and providing opportunities for those unemployed or underemployed. He has put his vision into action when COVID-19 hit this spring by helping to operate a food bank for those hurt by the government shutdowns. I have been inspired to help in that effort. He is a servant leader and tireless worker, a stark contrast to the representative he seeks to replace. He will be there and be a leader for the city of Leavenworth in the Legislature. A vote for Col. Proctor is a vote for the future of Leavenworth.