LETTER: Getting back to work

Bridgid L. Schwilling

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Pat Proctor who is running for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 2020 general election. I met Pat at church a few years ago. His leadership skills have been demonstrated as he serves in our church and has helped motivate others to donate and deliver food to people in need during COVID-19.

Pat is passionate about getting people back to work. He has seen people trapped in the state and federal system that is supposed to help them, but actually penalizes them when they try to  build a better life and achieve independence. This rigid system wastes the talents and human resources that could benefit the Leavenworth community and economy.

I have spoken to Pat regarding my frustration about not working. I have a physical disability. I am a mental health/substance abuse therapist. I had to go on disability due to declining health. I get two sources of disability, one state and one federal. On state disability, if I work to make one penny to help myself, they will take away the income they pay me. I earned the disability income I get by previously working. Why can’t I use my skills to help others and make extra money to meet my needs?

Pat wants to  bring jobs back to Leavenworth and change the system that is supposed to help people so that it is more flexible and not punitive, allowing all people who would like to work the opportunity to do so. Maybe more young people and families would choose to make Leavenworth their home if there were good jobs, increasing successful businesses and a thriving economy. I want these things for myself and the Leavenworth community, so I am voting for local businessman and retired U.S. Army Col. Pat Proctor. I encourage you to vote for him too.