LETTER: Local asset

Rodger Benefiel

To the editor:

I first met Pat Proctor when he attended our church. He sat at the end of the pew my wife and I were sitting at, and he quickly made himself at home. Right away, I could tell Pat was retired military as his suit was very neat and he conducted himself in a very friendly yet unassuming manner.

Shortly thereafter, it was one of my very welcome duties to recommend Pat for membership in our church as I was chairman of the deacon board at that time.

Pat now not only attends our church, First Baptist, on a regular basis, he quickly assumed a leadership role within our body of believers. I could quickly tell that Pat, as a full colonel, had been assigned to many leadership roles in the U.S. Army.

Very quickly, Pat expressed an interest in associating himself with  service organizations and I had no problem in recommending him for membership in the Lions Club and the American Legion. He has quickly become an asset to these and other activities in Leavenworth. I see him all over town working for our citizens.

Pat has a Ph.D. in history. I know how great a country we did live in and how we will live there again with representatives like Pat in leadership positions.

Pat Proctor has the background, present beliefs and abilities to represent Kansas House District 41 in a manner rarely seen in today’s society.

It is my pleasure to recommend Pat Procter for election as a representative in the upcoming election.