LETTER: Negative campaigns

Thomas A. Gray

To the editor:

I am writing to express my disgust at the negative campaign tactics of the Republican candidates running for state office and their associated supporters.

I have been a lifelong member of the Republican Party since first voting in 1972, however, today I am chagrined at the letters, posters, flyers and tactics they are employing during this election season. I see no positive information relative to candidate positions but rather negative opposition bashing and personal attacks. Where are the policy and positions that outline what the Republican candidates want to achieve? Rather, all we get is what they believe is wrong with the other party’s candidates.

I base my votes on character, integrity and the ability to achieve progress through hard work and building consensus. Leaders build teams and teams achieve goals that support the whole rather than the few. I see no integrity and absolutely no character. I am disappointed when I read letters to the local paper from people out of the district to influence our vote. The state of the Kansas Republican Party has stooped very low. I see candidates at all levels running on titles and photo opportunities yet providing no substance.

If all the Republican candidates for state offices can do is run on a ticket of denigrating the opposition, then they certainly have not earned my vote.

I won’t vote a one-party slate, but you can be sure I will vote for candidates who exemplify the dignity and decorum necessary to legislate and build the consensus necessary to move the state forward. Elected officials work for me and the rest of the constituency. I won’t hire divisive personnel of limited character for my company nor will I hire them to represent me in my government.